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Ask HN: “Git” for Microsoft Office?

1 min read
Ask HN: “Git” for Microsoft Office?
26 points by toyg 39 minutes ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 28 comments
I’ve recently changed job and now I am basically swamped in MSOffice documents. This makes collaboration very hard: people are fearful you’ll touch their precious files, there are manual procedures to produce “gold” documents, fixing a typo is an ordeal, and if the same slide is present in 15 Powerpoint decks any edit will require tons of mindless and error-prone copypasting… it made me realize how good developers have it with git, github, and the likes.

Is there anything out there, capable of working with MSOffice stuff in a granular and collaborative way? I can’t believe non-geeks have lived like this for 30 years.

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