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  • QBoobMsg

    QBoobMsg screenshot

    Read messages on your favorite websites and feed the troll. It supports forums, newspapers, etc.

  • Monboob

    Monboob screenshot

    Use your mail client to troll on your favorite websites!

  • QCookBoob

    QCookBoob screenshot

    Search recipes, display details and pictures of te result, and export it in a readable format.

  • QVideoob

    QVideoob screenshot

    Find videos on websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, but also YouPorn, and many others. Enjoy the videos without Flash or Silverlight.

  • QBooblyrics

    QBooblyrics screenshot

    Lookup for your favorite songs and get their lyrics.

  • Boobank-munin

    Boobank-munin screenshot

    Watch the evolution of your bank accounts with munin.

  • QFlatBoob

    QFlatBoob screenshot

    Find a home on housings websites, bookmark them, write notes, etc.

  • freemobile-munin

    freemobile-munin screenshot

    Monitor your phone consumption.

  • Masstransit

    Masstransit screenshot

    See the timetables of a train station on your Maemo phone.

  • QWebContentEdit

    QWebContentEdit screenshot

    Edit MediaWiki articles (including Wikipedia) or other websites.

  • QHaveDate

    QHaveDate screenshot

    Court beautiful girls (or guys) without much effort on major dating websites with this great software.

  • QHandJoob

    QHandJoob screenshot

    You are unemployed? Use this application to search job offers!

  • QCineoob

    QCineoob screenshot

    Search informations about movies and actor, as well that find subtitles and torrents for the movie.

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